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01. (0) Euro Truck Simulator 2
02. (0) Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
03. (+1) The Sims 3
04. (-1) World of Warcraft
05. (0) Might & Magic Heroes 6
06. (+1) Mount & Blade: Warband
07. (0) Scania Truck Driving Simulator
08. (+2) Euro Truck Simulator
09. (-1) Civilization 5
10. (+4) Starcraft 2

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Gaming sites

Blues News
Need to know what's hot and hyped? Go to Blues News and you will find out.
Cheats, hints, game news! You'll never know defeat again!

Die Deutschen Untergrund Spiele
Die DUS sind der Treffpunkt für Spieleentwickler und Programmierer! Aktuelle News, Tests und unzählige Freeware- und Sharewarespiele warten auf euch.
The whole world of gaming information on one site. Daily news and all links from the web that are interest to a gamer.

Join The Adventures
Join The Adventures is a new portal which focuses on Adventure Games, but is not restricted to just Adventures ! Here you can find: Game Reviews, Walktroughs, Patches, Savegamees, Videos, and other material about your prefered world: Graphical Adventures!!!!
Have a look on all the sections in their forum, where you will find previews, images, news , and a lot morr. Join.. .the Adventures!

NT Compatible
What good is a game if you don't know if it will run under your version of Windows. Well, here is where NT Compatible shines, serving an extensive list of games with supported OS revisions.

The Legacy
TheLegacy is a nostalgic game museum. Over 14,000 games for consoles, home and personal computers from 1980 until present day are shown here. A broad variety of extensive information: including covers, screenshots, music samples, game facts and more. The goal is it to resurrect the charme of old games and documenting everything which is worth knowing about them.

What Console
What Console reviews and rates games consoles including the Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 2 and classic consoles, with their technical specifications and top games.
The Windows Problem Solving Community!

Hardware News

Heise Newsticker
A german site with focus on computer news, maybe a bit slower than in reporting news but easier to read and not overloaded with graphics and in overall has more in-depth verified news. Matrox Users Resource Centre
While entirely focused on Matrox' products, it is one of my daily visits still for one main resource: from personal experience - and I have been using PCs for 10 years now - I know that Matrox is a top choice for consumer level graphic cards when it comes to reliability both of hardware and drivers and since most cards are on par in speed comparisons (3D cards excluded, yet) this is the only thing which counts these days.

Tom's Hardware Guide
IMHO the most reliable source when it comes to reviews on new hardware - and not just gaming tools, but PC hardware in general, down to the prozessor and motherboard level. If you want to learn a bit about the internals of your gaming machine, use Tom's.

Hardware Sites

ASUS Corp.
From personal experience I know ASUS to be a good choice for motherboards: the performance is very good, the boards are stable and customer support knows what they are talking when you contact them with problems and are no extension of the marketing apartment. A-Bit, A/Open and Iwill get higher ratings occassionally on Tom's page, but are much harder to get when you don't want to mailorder.

One of the best quality CD-ROMs I was able to test, and very good and fast for ripping audio off CDs. Since one of my hobbies is MP3, this is a major factor in my buying decisions. The only company I favour more than Plextor is TEAC.

Currently the best in price/quality/speed overall when it comes to IDE harddrives - but make sure you get 8MB cache ones.

Currently my choice for soundcards - their drivers aren't as "ugly" as Creative's.

If you need network cards, hubs and switches and are willing to pay a bit more for some additional performance points, you should consider them in your buying decisions.

After having tested lots of the cheap range stuff, I am stuck with 3Ware now - it is simply no fun waiting days offline for your Highpoint-controller to repair your raid array after a system failure. And when you have to backup several hundred GB a month (yes, our archive is now THAT big) the best backup at affordable price is a raid5 hdd-array.

The Time Wastelands

Amazon Germany
Ran out of books and need a fast and cheap mailorder company since your local dealer can't get the latest english and german books fast enough? While their SF & Fantasy apartment sure could need some improvements they are damn cheap and fast in delivering the books if they have them in stock.

The Darwin Awards
The stupidest ways to die...

Dilbert Zone
My daily comic drug. See Dilbert in his daily fights with incompetent bosses, the marketing department and women. If anyone can send me a Dogbert doll, I am in his debt for life.

Fantasy Productions
The company which produces Battletech, Shadowrun and DSA - nuff said.

Richard Talsorian Games
While i like Shadowrun a lot, I find the background in their Cyberspace RPGs a bit lacking. Talsorians Cyperpunk RPG is more fascinating.

Steve Jackson Games
This is both a good resource for pen-and-paper RPGs and the best resource to find some really wicked websites. If you are bored, go check there and you'll have a good laugh. Warning: dark humor required!

The missing Department

My chosen search engine, until one day I will meet a perfect one.

Game Guru
Are you looking for a particuliar game review, preview, demo, etc. and your favourite game sites don't carry it? Then use a search engine, it will tell you exactly which sites carry the wanted items for any game you choose.

Extreme Tracking
Currently the best free counter I found on the net - the offered features (list of all referrers with number of hits, hits per day/week/month, used browser, used screen resolution, used colourdepth, used searchengine, etc.) weren't offered together on any other counter I have checked.
Fun stuff for pet lovers--teeshirts, totes, clocks, mugs and a few more surprises.

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